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Cluck and Learn: A Chicken Class for Kids to Learn and Explore

Jun 18, 2024 - Dec 31, 2025

  • 562Days


We will utilize children's books to introduce agricultural concepts. The second part of the lesson will provide children with hands-on investigations and activities to help them explore chicken knowledge. Topics Covered in the Class: 1. Sustainable Agriculture: Learn about the role of chickens in sustainable farming practices, including their contributions to pest control, soil fertility through manure, and their part in diversified farming systems. 2. Environmental Stewardship: Understand the importance of raising chickens using environmentally friendly practices. Children will explore how chickens help maintain a balanced ecosystem and contribute to sustainable living. 3. Healthy Eating: Discover the benefits of eggs and chicken meat, and the importance of humane treatment and healthy diets for poultry. This helps children make connections between farm practices and the food they eat. 4. Animal Husbandry: Gain insights into the daily care and management of chickens, including their feeding, housing, and health needs. Learn about the different breeds of chickens and their unique characteristics. 5. Community Engagement: Explore how raising chickens can strengthen community bonds and support local food systems. Children will learn about the significance of backyard chickens and small-scale farming in their communities and how they can get involved. This dynamic class offers a perfect blend of literacy and experiential learning, making agricultural education both fun and memorable. The class lasts approximately 1 hour. Suggested donation is $10 per person

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