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Urban & Container Gardening

Jun 18, 2024 - Dec 31, 2025

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Participants in this in-person class will learn about key agriculture concepts and actively engage in activities designed to help them start their own container garden. Each participant will leave with a small container of planted seeds ready to transplant into their own container garden at home. Topics Covered in the Class: 1. Sustainable Agriculture: Learn the principles of sustainable gardening, including soil health, composting, and natural pest control, to ensure a thriving and eco-friendly container garden. 2. Environmental Stewardship: Understand the importance of using environmentally friendly practices in gardening. Participants will explore techniques for conserving water, reducing waste, and enhancing biodiversity in urban settings. 3. Healthy Eating: Discover the nutritional benefits of growing your own food and how container gardening can contribute to a healthier diet. Learn which plants are best suited for small spaces and how to maximize your garden's productivity. 4. Water Conservation: Gain insights into efficient watering techniques for container gardens, including drip irrigation and rainwater harvesting, to promote sustainable water use. 5. Community Engagement: Explore how container gardening can strengthen community bonds by encouraging local food production and shared gardening spaces. Learn how urban gardening initiatives can enhance community well-being and resilience. Class activities and knowledge levels can be tailored to meet the needs of participants of all ages. The class lasts approximately 1 hour. Suggested donation is $10 per person.

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