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Growing with Trees: An Agricultural Literacy Class

Jun 18, 2024 - Dec 31, 2025

  • 562Days


Participants will learn about trees growing in East Texas and gain hands-on experience in how pioneer East Texans cut trees and shaped them into wooden objects. The class includes an engaging activity where participants will decorate tree branch slices to take home. Topics Covered in the Class: 1. Sustainable Agriculture: Learn about the role of trees in sustainable farming practices, including their contributions to soil health, erosion control, and providing habitats for wildlife. 2. Environmental Stewardship: Understand the importance of preserving forests and practicing sustainable forestry. Participants will explore how trees help maintain a balanced ecosystem and contribute to environmental health. 3. Historical Agricultural Practices: Gain insights into the techniques used by pioneer East Texans to cut and shape trees. Learn about the historical importance of trees in building communities and supporting early agriculture. 4. Tree Identification and Ecology: Discover the different species of trees native to East Texas, their ecological roles, and their significance in local ecosystems. 5. Art and Nature: Engage in a creative activity by decorating tree branch slices, emphasizing the connection between nature and artistic expression. This activity highlights the beauty and utility of natural resources. This dynamic class offers a perfect blend of historical knowledge, practical skills, and creative expression, making agricultural education both fun and memorable. The class lasts approximately 1.5 hours. Suggested donation is $10 per person.

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